What are you doing during the session?\nI scan the body and am drawn to certain areas by intuition and by feeling the energy field itself. Cluttered energy and thought forms that have taken shape in the way of energetic blockages (physical, mind mental, generic spiritual and emotional) are removed in those areas and infused with light. Some blocks are removed instantly and some are brought to the attention of the client so he can work on it in his daily life through his new awareness. This is done the same way whether your healing is done in person or via phone.\n\nHow many sessions do I need?\nThe answer to that is different for every person. After three sessions, however, I suggest that time should be allowed to let the energy shift fully and incorporate into your bodies (emotional, physical, mental and spiritual.) The reason for this is sometimes what you perceive as the problem (for example, physical in nature) that you wanted healed may actually root much deeper in your being (spiritual, emotional, and mental). Time allows for the awareness of the core issues to surface and then full integration of one’s healing can be realized.\n\nExplain Inner Vision.\nWhat I call Inner Vision is my way of collaborating with my client’s Higher Conciousness in a healing session. We dive into the subtle bodies (emotional, physical, mental and spiritual) together. I may bring your attention to an area or you may feel something you would like to address. We experience the blockage in a multi-dimensional way and transmute it into light together. It is profound healing in which the clients also learn how to do this for themselves in their daily lives.\n\nYou mention more than one type of healing in sessions. What does that mean and why do you use more than one?\nWhen the client books her session, I have an impression about what healing method(s) I will use. Although when I am working with you this can change as intuition guides the session.\n\nWhat about Reconnective Healing?\nReconnective Healing sessions are done with only that frequency. It is the only frequency that is needed in those sessions. \”The Reconnection\” by Dr. Pearl is an excellent source to learn more about how this frequency came into being and why it is used alone.\n\nWhat if I want just Reiki and nothing else?\nThen your intuition has already guided you to the right frequency of healing for your session. The information form that I send you will allow you to let me know that is your wish.\n\nWhat can I expect after the session ends?\nThe great thing is that it never ends. The light brought into your energy field changes the vibration in every cell of your body. Light literally expands inside you and the lower vibrations naturally fall off. My work ends and your work begins by being open and receptive to how the healing manifests itself. Some people will experience a period of what I term \”tide out.\” As the ocean recedes, it exposes and discards a trail of what it no longer needs. It’s a natural purification process. It can be an emotional or tiring time, usually lasting no more than a few days, but it is also a time of great transformation and will pass.\n\nI am currently on medication and seeing a doctor already for the issue I’d like healing on. Does this affect the healing session?\nNot at all. It works with it. Energy work can never harm and will never interfere with your medical treatment. It is meant to go alongside your prescribed course of treatment from a licensed physician. I do not prescribe medication, diagnose conditions and will always refer any questions of that nature back to your licensed physician. Always consult with your doctor if you have any concerns.\n\nCan you heal (fill in the blank) or will energy heal (fill in the blank)?\nSource energy is life force itself. It is the intelligence of the universe, and the energy drives itself to the destination of your highest good. So yes, it has the ability to heal (fill in the blank.) There is always healing in a session, but what form it will take and to what degree is not up to me. I cannot guaranty or promise a certain outcome for you. The healing session is not a magic wand. It is the magic and you are the wand. The healing takes place at a soul level, and any physical ailment releasing in a session is a biproduct.\n\nWhat do I wear?\nFor in-person healings, wear comfortable light clothes. For distance healings, wear clothing that you would wear to relax.\n\nHow is distance healing possible?\nReiki incorporates a symbol and invocation which creates an opening through space and time for its passage. Other frequencies are brought through with the healer’s intention. Energy itself is not bound by time or space. This is also true of the crystals that I use for distance healing.\n\nWhat can I expect to experience during the session?\nThis varies for each individual. You may feel something tangible or you may not. It truly depends how sensitive someone is to feeling energy. Whether or not something is \”felt\” has no bearing on the level of healing experienced.\n\nI would say in most of the sessions my clients report feeling floaty and peaceful. Working in a place in the body that is holding grief, for example, might bring up tears or other emotions that are ready to be let out. Anger and resistance to the session itself has surfaced in healings. It is all a process of letting go and allowing the full release from attachments.\n\nCommon occurrences: Coughing is a product of letting out lower vibrations; the stomach growling is the vibration settling in; a body spasm or jolt is the release of a blockage or lower thought form; rapid eye movement or fluttering of the eyes is the energy streaming into your consciousness; feeling pulses or lines of energy up and down the body is your body’s senses feeling the vibration; seeing colors or images is your own intuition communicating to you. Don’t worry, not all of these things happen at once and for some, none at all! It is all healing and it is all sacred to your session.\n\nDo I have to have a physical or emotional issue to have a healing?\nNo, you don’t. Source energy works on your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies. It will break through old patterns, expand awareness, illuminate choices, create a deeper connection to your soul self, and bring about deeper intuition. It will also allow more space in your energetic field to be filled with light to be able to attract more of what you want and allow you to clearly see what no longer serves you. It creates more space for you to become aware of the peace, joy, stillness and inner light that you already possess fully in your natural state of being.\n\nWhat if I have questions a couple days after our session?\nPlease e-mail me with any concerns, questions, comments and feedback. I am happy to answer anything that may come up for you.\n\n