BIOGRAPHY\n\nSamantha describes her path in becoming a healer not as a calling, sickness but a hollering so loud there wasn’t a person, doctor place or book she picked up that didn’t involve energy work in some way. She describes her first interaction attuning to these energies as “stepping into my SELF and experiencing the oneness to everyone and everything simultaneously with an indescribable peace that will now forever be with me…..\n\nSince, Samantha has studied many modalities in healing and feels whatever method you are drawn to instinctually is the right one. “The intention of all healing is the same: to bring your body back to its natural state, one of complete wholeness and balance.”\n\nIn describing how the process of energy work manifests a healing, she describes: When pure life force (source) energy is brought into a person’s energy field, it remembers, “oh, this is my natural state” and starts to energetically shed lower vibrations that carry disharmony, old wounds and dis-ease and naturally starts vibrating to the higher source energy. Just like if you take two tuning forks and only strike one, and then you place the un-struck tuning fork next to the struck one, the fork which has not been struck naturally reaches the same vibration. It’s that fantastically simple.\n\nTESTIMONIALS\n\n“Upon researching Reiki treatments offered in Los Angeles, I came across Samantha’s website You Are Light. Almost instantly I felt a connection to her. Well, my intuition proved right! From the beginning of our conversations, she was so kind, understanding, and most importantly, genuine. Our sessions have been truly amazing. I went to her primarily to focus on emotional issues and came out feeling so much lighter and free. After years of therapy, I didn’t think anyone would ever get me. But Samantha knew exactly what I needed. Her attention to detail was impressive and she is always there for you. I’m happy to say I am filled with energy, hope, and love. I have gained so much perspective in life as a result. The shifts you will experience with a visit are life-changing. Believe it, she can help guide anyone no matter what you are faced with. I love you, Samantha!\”\nTina K., Los Angeles\n\n\”When I visited Samantha for my first Reiki session, there were a number of emotional issues that ailed me and had manifested themselves physically. During my session with Samantha, I felt a huge weight lift from me. Samantha opened a door that allowed me to look inside to truly understand how I felt, the cause of those feelings, and how to release it. Reiki allows me to understand and communicate my wants and needs clearly and to find my true self in everyday life. Thank you for this wonderful gift, Samantha and for sharing the beautiful experience of Reiki.\” I. Paul, Studio City, CA\n\n\”I had the pleasure of receiving Level I Attunement from Samantha a bit more than a month ago and I am jubilant that this is now a part of my life. Reiki has been working in some wonderful ways to heal some things and bring to the surface other things that need attention and/or action in my life. It has come in handy in some very practical ways – like helping me center myself and open up before I go into an audition – and has improved my life in some more mysterious ways like helping me to see some relationships that I’ve needed to surrender. Samantha, I must say, has been a caring and constant supporter as I’ve learned my way through this journey so far. She always has a wise insight or idea for me to try when I’ve found something that needed attention or action. I am so grateful for her and for Reiki in my life!” \n\n“I have experienced noticeable changes in my ability to relax since having an attunement to Reiki. It is so convenient to be able to do the self healing at any time of the day and have relief of pain and stress. It is easily integrated into a busy lifestyle, it’s great!” \nJ. Haskell, Thousand Oaks“\n\nI came to Sam for my first crystal healing. I was sad. I was confused. I had some serious life decisions to make. During the healing, a flash of an image of a disfigured face came as Sam was working on my throat chakra. It made it difficult to concentrate on the rest of the healing. What was that? Why had that image come to me. Sam told me later what she saw at that time of the healing. It really made sense and allowed me to focus on being true to myself. After the healing, I felt so peaceful. I cannot describe the level of calm, tranquility I felt. All the bad energy was released. I look forward to working with Sam again.” \nE. Donen, Westlake\n\n“My sessions with Samantha have been amazing as she’s helped me through some really difficult times. Her loving presence and healing vibrations are very easily felt during our distance healing sessions and always feel WONDERFUL. There are not many in this world with her level of intuitive and psychic gifts. Samantha’s heart is truly commited to this path and I feel very blessed to have found her. “\nP. Dean, Sacramento\n\n\”My first experience with Reiki was wonderful in an unexpected way. It was soothing, restorative, but also rejuvenating. I had had a very large kidney stone three months earlier that I’d told Sam about. However, I didn’t reveal which side it was on. Sam was able to not only locate and feel the recent trauma to my body, but to actually draw some of the pain memory out from my back and kidney, an exhilarating sensation much like a really good sneeze. I have since utilized Sam’s skills long distance, asking her to send Reiki energy to me at night while I sleep to lessen fatigue, loosen strained muscles and ease migraine headaches, with excellent results.\” \nD. Lindsey, Atlanta\n\nCommenting on a Crystal Healing\n\n“The experience itself – It was a ride – as you said! I went in with no expectations and didn’t have any particular why this or why that – so I guess that’s why there wasn’t any expectation and I just went in enjoying the feeling. Like a ride – it felt fun and freeing. It was a very relaxing yet invigorating experience if that makes any sense. Meaning – afterwards I felt calm yet invigorated and not necessarily spaced out the rest of the day. It Interestingly was upon reflection of the experience – like that night and the next few days and even now when I think about it – that I have less fear about things such as being alone in the world. Knowing somehow that I came from a place before this with a purpose and that I have ‘people’ I will meet again and that we are all connected. Does that makes sense? I know what I want to say but seem to be having a bit of trouble verbalizing…..”\nA. Steel, Toluca Lake