You are Reality Itself

You are Reality itself.   Reality is not a thing, yet it encompasses everything.  Reality has no meaning, yet meaning is given within Reality, and the byproduct of meaning is a sense of time.   Time also does not exist yet is helpful to get from Point A to Point B; it is obviously needed to function effectively but not helpful if one believes it has some reality in itself.   As you drop down the rabbit hole of time, you then can enter the bonus round of identity, name, relationships, and of course, ownership…. So follows the  usually unnoticed entrapment for the endless meanings of what is good and bad and appropriate and not….  It is truly a setup at the start.
As a child, you are given your name, rules, this is mine, this is yours, bad, good – and identification with yourself as a separate being starts to take hold.   The desire for what your wants are and what delights you seem to be given from an outside source, and so it would at that point fairly and logically fall into place that one is sourced from the outside.   How refreshing would it have been to be taught to go inward to sink into the eternal connection to that which is prior to everything?     Instead of a “time out” you would get a “time in.”
Now the stage is set so the Big-Daddy can come into town:  Beliefs.    If I start poking your beliefs, then  a flood of reactions will come to defend the belief (which reactions will be varied depending on what belief system you have about reacting) which is really defending the sense of your ownership of who you are because if you don’t defend that, well, then…..then…..  YES.   Fear sets in that there is no one there to defend really, and that is, at a primal level, more scary than being in this illusion/Maya of pretending to know who you are because, quite frankly, that is how 90 percent of the population rolls.
At this point, you have had the multi-fecta of Maya.    As you mature in age, and to what degree you start to sense “something is off” you look at and start to question religion, family dynamics, teachings, prayer – you may start to seek.    You are seeking outside, but this seeking will hopefully bring a full You-turn so you can really start to relentlessly question who you really are and begin the awakening process to That which Is.
You have possibly just started to unravel and cut the unhealthy cords of your upbringing or left this religion or that religion, or conquered belief systems that were imposed upon you by family or community.   So in that, we are feeling a bit freer, and may get our spiritual clothes out and start ringing our crystal bowls (which I have quite a collection) but this is the point where there are so many choices of teachers and systems – and within this paradigm there are just as many that say they are right and wrong as religions profess;   It’s just another form of beliefs.   So you’ve just escaped your religion or dynamics of childhood right and wrong and started the process of working through the beliefs and then, bam:  “Are you Avaita or Bhakti?”  “Are you Zen Bhuddist or a Seik?” “Are you going to the _____retreat this weekend?”
Let’s be clear, I have studied all of the above, and then some, and I have received much from all of these teachings; even the really, really unfortunate ones taught me one of the most fundamentally important tools: discernment.  It is just that one trap seen brought me into the illusion of a freedom, which was just another trap with better murals.   This does work, however, in the sense that you need a thorn to remove another thorn….
It is because I have traveled this road that I write now.   I make some jest to ring through the multitude of what I consider rainbow and wind chime mentality I so often read on my journey.  This is indeed a sacred process.   I love to write what moves through and there is such a poetry and love affair….and that does attract people to “want” to experience that feeling… but there is a catch 22 along the way that can’t quite be explained.
My feeling, and dare not say belief, is that if one is authentic in their sincerity and in their longing to know Truth, these paths hold a Container for even that longing to unwind and rest in Source.
I have come to find the value in many processes knowing that, yes, what they say is true: none are really needed in the end.  That said, here’s the paradox:  It truly does no good for me to only say you are the unborn…you don’t exist and never did…be only in this moment and drop all thought.    Is all of this true in my direct experience?  Sure.  Yes.  Dead as a doornail:  Done. Kaput.  Finished.   But what is finished that I am speaking about NEVER truly existed in Reality.   Understand?   Now, that said, there is still a me here doing what I do with all the choices available above, with likes and dislikes, but it is not sourced there.  There is no source there.   What sources is beyond any description I could give here, although I try my best.
So does it do some people good to follow this end-game teachings in conception only?  It must be known directly.  It must be lived.  I don’t think it serves most to hold these statements as mantras without doing some looking, because as I said above, even though you awaken into Truth there is still the process of you going on, and some of those unprocessed beliefs, even though you may know it is all not true reality, if that knowing is only conceptual, there is a disconnect.  I’ve seen it time and time again.   I find it much more efficient to go into the layers of internal distortion.   No matter how far you climb up that hill, and think it’s been accomplished and you are the mountain, and fill in the blank, you keep hiking upward; you keep yourself on task;  It is finite and it is subtle.
It also can become a very, very dry reality without the deconstruction of layers that can then be re-stabilized in an unobstructed lens of Source.    It’s a full 360.  180 is dry, dry, dry.
I offer tools.   I offer tools as thorns.    The most effective tools are the ones you never need again.   It is with this intention I offer them.
I offer the meditation.  I have studied meditations from my Teacher and he from his Teacher on down the lineage.  Meditation is the eye of the needle Jesus speaks about.   Continuing meditation degreases the lens and allows clear seeing so in one unimaginable moment the other side of that needle is seen, which collapses even the needle itself.
I offer Kriya postures.   Kriyas (body and hand postures) with breathwork deepen alignment and allow more flow of pranic energy to source your fields and allow one to go beyond the typical senses.
I offer dialogue.  What may be described to me as con-fusion, I see only a fusion process evolving.   There is utter perfection in the unfoldment process and a radical acceptance is allowed in dialogue.
I offer Energy Movement.  In my years of training, I have conjointly studied many healing arts and have been formally trained by masters in their field.    I have been helped greatly by the movement of energy and have been extremely blessed to share in this way and, if needed, use this as a tool.