Watch Your Thoughts

When you hear teachers say, “Watch your thoughts,” it is an actual sadhana. (spiritual discipline.) It is very potent when applied, but I have seen it used in ways that somehow create more thought about the thought one is watching, which just reveals how potent and effective this practice is, that immediately the mind wants to make it interesting, personal or get something out of it. So here is the practice, if you would like to engage:

What to do: Watch. Your. Thoughts.

However you are, wherever you are, sitting down for meditation or out and about this practice can be initiated. Note: It is not so you can decide which thoughts are good or bad, or even expansive and contractive, although there can be some value in recognizing the difference. This is not part of the watching.

What is meant is to watch. your. thoughts. Only watch them. Not decode them, not value them, not judge them, not find meaning as to why you have them. just. watch. them.


Where There is Resistance There is Suffering

Where there is resistance, there is suffering. When we are aware of the suffering of someone else, or in ourselves, without opening to it fully first, in neutrality, we strengthen the polarity.
There is a misconception that if you open to a different point of view, you are somehow agreeing or condoning it. It is not natural to look at torture or abuse or radical views in any kind of open way. We watch and have been taught to flow our energy into a stance; for or against; straight into the mind to inform you whose fault it was; how wrong it is, comparison and judgment.
And all this is happening. It is. I’m not in any way suggesting the suffering in its various forms is not happening. I’m not suggesting action is or is not needed.

But deeper than the outward events, which are being responded to seemingly externally, is the suffering itself, which is asking to be looked at inwardly.

When you can look and take it in without the mind, meaning any resistance, the stories and blame fade into the useless polarities which serve only resistance itself, and as that resistance drops, we are in a field of oneness.

The polarity is actually used as a tool to create the pain until one can fully open to it. So it does have a use. There was a moment, in writing this, where I, feeling the energy of resistance from my own words of polarity being useless, opened to the energy of polarity, and in doing so found its service and devotion to oneness.
These are the subtle veils of resistance. I am simultaneously amazed at the layers of my own resistance and grateful for their teachings.
That oneness holds all; can hold the pain, can hold the polarity, can hold the love, can hold the space for that openness to be truly felt.

To me, that is true healing. Arising from that space, action moves, whether fierce or delicate, consciously.


Let Go

“Surrender.”  “Let go.”  “Forgive.”

No photo description available.These are all concepts when said, which will penetrate through the mind and its various thought processes and stories that go along with whatever scenario is being worked through. And the stances will be justified and validated; all seen through the lens of conditioning still present. And it might, in some way, allow the mind to soothe itself, and thus emotions may feel better, for a while. But if the tension comes back — not release, but tension, it means these above did not happen fully. One (or more) is still attached in some way to a specific outcome.

Yes, we all prefer certain outcomes. Real life does not always have this same viewpoint. We resist it. It feels in the beginning counter-intuitive not to; it might be seen as a weakness not to go-go-go for what you want and push-push-push until you get it.

When these three words are lived, when all three are in harmony and there is no push, no pull, it’s different. One is in alignment with their nature and there is an instant knowing and feeling that is never missed when this happens. Liken it to gut instinct. One is freed from their own judgment call and needs no other’s approval of it. It is known the direction of the energy only, not the outcome. One is catapulted into vulnerability; into openness; into transparency; into authenticity.
This is not becoming desensitized and robotic. It is the exact opposite, actually, which is not over-sensitized, although in the beginning one will feel and see much, much more for the simple reason they are now available and acclimating their consciousness to see outside their normal looking lens.

It is being available, fluid and allowing trust outside of the mind’s rationale to base and ground your experience. What the mind cannot comprehend is that information comes more clearly, intuition comes more clearly, and the go-push philosophy falls flat as you become more and more in tune with your environment in a way that now the path you are on is more lived in totality than every-moment planned in captivity.

A few helpful notes: There is no positive or negative with these three words. They are absolutely neutral.
Where there is prolonged drama or tension in a situation, one of these three are not met.

Feel into these words with your Being…. flow for the next hour, hours, days, and witness this as a live happening. Where do you start? Now. Where is the opening to do this? It’s now. Oops, I slipped. Congratulate yourself for catching it. When do I start again? Now.

Meeting the present moment with your Presence is the gateway. As this becomes your predominant natural way, those three words you will see, very clearly, will no longer even be necessary in the same way. And that is a fine day indeed.


On Positive Thinking…


We are constantly exposed to a mass market addiction of quick and instant feel-better techniques that penetrate only skin deep; never quite creating the long lasting relief from the thinking itself. Why does it not work? The thinking or the thoughts are not the issue, so they will never ever be solved there.

The Facts: Yes, choosing a higher-vibrating, good-feeling thought is positive, is expansive and connects and attracts you to that vibration. But if you are being “told” or “taught” to dismiss your more contractive or negative thoughts to a positive one instantly, what you are doing is repressing and creating a shame, a wrongness and a deeper entrenchment in the polarity of positive/negative.

To engage in a “corrective” positive thought, which is not authentic, is a subtle form of self-shaming, so that corrective positive thought is vibrating in chaos. To transcend the paradox (and ultimate exhausting prison) of good/bad is to see through both sides of the thought: the positive and the negative.

To be able to achieve that, you must get underneath the thought, through processes of self-inquiry, and see where the thought has originated and examine it.

Being available, accountable and conscious to that thought form is the catalyst to relieve you of its inherent polarity. And only then will you be able to resonate with a higher vibrational reality.